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The 2050 Vision: Sustainable Materials For The Construction Sector

Event Details

Tuesday 5th of July 2022

Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm

For the foundation industries supplying the products needed by the construction sector, such as cement, steel, brick, or glass, net-zero carbon legislation is already seeing leading customers demanding more sustainable products.  The foundation industries are together responsible for over 10% of UK carbon emissions, and so their success in de-carbonising will be pivotal if the UK is to meet its zero net carbon commitments.

By 2050, what types of materials, products or services will the construction sector be wanting to purchase from the foundation industries?

This webinar will put a spotlight on the 2050 Materials for the Construction Industry report, commissioned from BRE by the Innovate UK Transforming Foundation Industries challenge.

Our expert panel will discuss the changes we expect to see in the construction sector by 2050. While this might seem far into the future, the long investment cycles of many of our foundation industries mean that decisions will already being made that will determine what products are available by 2050.

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