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Efficiency and Operations Management Workshop

Event Details

Online half day workshop

Wednesday 1st of Feburary 2023   1:30pm to 4:30pm

Who should attend?

Whether you are an experienced owner/ manager, needing to brush up on your process management or taken on a new role this course will give you the opportunity to reflect/adapt your approach to process/operations management and implementation.  


The future success of your business is directly linked to the effectiveness and connectivity of your processes, ways of working and your organisational culture. 

The more efficient and effective your organisation is, the greater your competitive advantage. This workshop helps you develop the skills to review and simplify your business processes and ways of working. At its most basic the less steps you take, the less waste you generate which allows your team to spend more time on the value adding tasks. Employees are generally more effective, engaged and empowered when focused on the value adding activities, having simple steps to follow with repetitive tasks and having clarity on how things ‘get done around here’. 

In particular the workshop will explore business process improvements including process mapping, process simplification, decision rights, work scheduling, workflow monitoring along with how to ensure consistent 24/7 delivery to the right performance standards and maximise employee accountability. It explores how long tasks should take and how to set performance standards with the maximum employee buy-in. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Develop the skills to map out your organisational processes/ ways of working.
  • Understand how to simplify your processes/ ways of working and minimise the number of steps involved.
  • How workflow scheduling and monitoring are key to driving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • How to utilise great operations management to deliver greater consistency, employee ownership and performance standards 24/7.
  • The importance of role clarity, decision rights and employee accountability in day-to-day operational delivery.
  • Appreciate the need to understand the macro and micro perspectives in operations management. 

Programme /Course Content 

This course will blend theory and models with real life management experience and case studies along with group discussions and practical worked examples. The prime focus is on understanding how you, your team and your business can better exploit the opportunities that exist in your marketplace. 

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